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How Do Automatic Gates Work?

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How Do Automatic Gates Work?

Choosing the appropriate automatic gate system is a crucial decision, contingent upon factors such as gate type, size, and operational requirements. There are two primary categories: swing gates and sliding gates, each offering distinct advantages based on their mechanisms.

Swing Gates

Swing gates, hinged-on posts, present a choice between the inward and outward opening. The automation of swing gates involves two main systems: underground and post-mounted (overground). In the underground system, gate motors are discreetly installed beneath the gate at the post foundation boxes. The gate rests on this foundation box, with the automatic gate motor connected via a system of levers within the box. On the other hand, post-mounted or overground systems are affixed to the back of the post inside the gate. This category includes various types such as linear or rams, articulated arms, or operators.

Sliding Gates

These are gates that run over a sliding gate track or cantilever system. A gate track is fixed across the width of the driveway and extends a similar length to the side of the posts to which the gate opens. Sliding gate rollers on the bottom of the gate move over the foundation pathway. A cantilevered gate is used where a pathway across the entrance is unnecessary or impossible.

Sliding gates operate on a foundation sliding gate track or a cantilever system. A gate track spans the driveway's width, extending parallel to the posts to facilitate gate movement. For sliding gates, rollers on the gate's bottom glide along the sliding gate track rail pathway. In the cantilever system, a pathway across the entrance is unnecessary. The motor and gearbox for sliding gates are installed within the gate behind the post. The motor interacts with a toothed pathway behind the gate, providing the necessary traction to facilitate smooth gate movement.

In essence, the installation of automated gates offers numerous benefits for homeowners. It enhances home security, ensures family safety, adds a touch of convenience to daily life, and contributes to the overall value of the property. The choice between swing and sliding gates ultimately depends on specific requirements, spatial considerations, and personal preferences. By selecting the right automatic gate system, homeowners can enjoy a seamless blend of functionality, security, and aesthetic appeal for their residences.


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