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MingQing Dynasties palace garden scenic areaso
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    “Eastern Hollywood” biggest scenic area--“the Ming and Qing Dynasties palace garden scenic area”, occupies a land area of
 2200 Chinese acres. The entire scenic area governs Guangzhou Hong Kong Street Film and television Base, the gun battle piece
 to photograph the base, the Ming and Qing Dynasties palace garden film and television to photograph the base, the screen crag 
cave mansion, the rope way sightseeing cable car, Hong Kong lively district guesthouse, the Asian biggest high tech movie studio
 and so on seven big scenic areas. And Guangzhou street Hong Kong street film and television photographs the base, is photographs 
the effect best film and television in our country numerous film and television cities to photograph the base, until now has made
 "the Opium War", "Xiao Li Fly cutter" and so on 80 remainder film and television play, is the domestic minority several most 
influential film and television city; The screen crag cave mansion cable car is in the present Jinhua municipal district an only 
cliff sightseeing rope way; The unprecedented scale the Ming and Qing Dynasties palace garden scenic area, occupies a land area
 of 1500 Chinese acres, the building is broad, construction excellent, in has including receives the fontanel, too with the palace,
 to do clear construction and so on palace, junction peaceful palace, empress' palace, own palace, western palace Long Que the 
phoenix eave, to honor Lou Jiege, common people residence tower 8000, is a collection film and television photography, the large-
scale assembly, the traveling takes vacation and so on multi-purpose extra large type comprehensive scenic areas, to our country 
film and television tourist circles extremely have the influence now the scenery tourist attraction and the film and television 
famous city.

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